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3 months into the startup journey

19 minute read

It’s been about 3 months since I started working on my own startup (wow, time flies so fast…). Some people seem to think that I’ve just started a cool startu...

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Python packaging edge cases

4 minute read

TL;DR: You cannot package a Python module that depends on local wheel dependencies.

Subtle mistakes in writing unit tests

4 minute read

While most developers know what a unit test is, I have seen quite a few cases where people claim non-unit tests to be “unit tests”, even among experienced de...

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An insight into the Gershgorin circle theorem

2 minute read

Eigenvalues and eigenvectors often appear in the mathematics of machine learning, in areas such as Principle Component Analysis (PCA) and Singular Value Deco...

Unit vectors and unit basis vectors

3 minute read

I was reviewing basic linear algebra and saw these two statements about the relationship between unit vectors and unit basis vectors.

My favorite code review tips

3 minute read

Code review is part of most programmers’ job, and involves a number of written interactions with your colleagues over Github. I found this blog post “How to ...

Debugging the Python behave test

1 minute read

When writing an end-to-end test using behave, debugging can be a little tricky. If you want to add a break point with pdb, you can provide a CLI flag behave ...

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